Solving ACF Repeater issue for not saving after XX rows

When your ACF Repeater exceeds more than hundreds of rows, ACF Repeater will only save the data up to certain point and discard the rest of it. This issue is caused by PHP’s max_input_vars, max_input_nesting_level, post_max_size and max_input_time. To fix this issue, we just have to increase our PHP configuration to a higher level. By default PHP sets those variables to a certain point for security reason. So we’re about to breach that protocol because we need our site to work. Below is an

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Sending Analytics Page View or Event in Contact Form 7

As mentioned in my other post about Google AdWords and Contact Form 7: Google AdWords Conversion Tracking in Contact Form 7, Contact Form 7 does not create a thank you page after form submission. But we still want to track it in Analytics. There are some ways to track form submission by using: Google Analytics – Event Google Analytics – Page Views Tracking using Google Analytics Event To do this, you have to go to the contact form and open Additional

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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking in Contact Form 7

Track Conversion using Google Adwords and Contact Form 7

You’re using WordPress and Contact Form 7 and everything seems great. But one day, you need to track in Google AdWords how many people use the contact form to see the conversion rates. Unlike some contact form plugins, Contact Form 7 does not generate a thank you page after submitting the form. This will make it hard to embed Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Code. The good news is Contact Form 7 allows you to attach a function call after form

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