Solving ACF Repeater issue for not saving after XX rows

When your ACF Repeater exceeds more than hundreds of rows, ACF Repeater will only save the data up to certain point and discard the rest of it. This issue is caused by PHP’s max_input_varsmax_input_nesting_level, post_max_size and max_input_time.

To fix this issue, we just have to increase our PHP configuration to a higher level.

By default PHP sets those variables to a certain point for security reason. So we’re about to breach that protocol because we need our site to work.

Below is an example of changing the PHP config using .htaccess. I find this is the best approach because you don’t have to modify your general php config. You don’t have to put a lot of php.ini in many directories as well.

Approach #1 – Modifying .htaccess

Approach #2 – Adding php.ini

If you have changed your .htaccess but it doesn’t work, you can try changing it in your php.ini. Important: You will have to add the same php.ini file inside your wp-admin folder as well.

Now your ACF Repeater will save more rows than before. If you need more rows, you can simply increase the number of those variables that we changed.

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